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Step by Step Videos

Shows you & your team a simple process to See, Shape & Build Pavement Projects better, faster while closing more

Sales Team Real Time Tracking

Track Won, Lost, Closed, Open, Canceled Projects of Each User. No More Wondering.

Notifications Sent

Email of New Leads, Opened Proposals, Forwarded Proposals, Detailed Work Orders & more

Proposal Approval

Produce part of the proposal, or all of it to have it sent for approval in a simple click and send method

The power of a Proven Sales Process + More


Pavement Layers will share how a process in the pavement industry will make your customers want to work with you.

Example of Process

Pavement Layers is a simple Cloud Based software built for the paving & sealcoating industries that enables users to create, manage, track and measure

Explainer Video

You will be able to measure on line, upload pictures into amazing proposals that you will create, manage and track in minutes for your entire organization. We have the best pavement maintenance and construction tool that will help you close more business faster.

The Industry Specific Advantage

Other than lowering prices, firing people and cutting budgets–what have you done to get smarter in the most challenging economy many of us have ever faced? Paving Software has never been created in such a simple manner that is easy to implement, use and deliver results, quickly. Our references over the past 2 years will share how our tools have changed their lives for the better, fast!

Our team has been leaders in the industry responsible for many of the most innovative tools used today. We have completed more than $400 Million in commercial & residential pavement maintenance & construction industry over the past 20 years.

We have created a revolution in the way you create, manage and track your proposals. This is the first of many Layers that we will be offering to the Pavement Industry that will improve your bottom line, your life and the way your customers value you!


faster proposal creation


Win rates

Our Proposal Management System?

Pavement Layers is a web-based application that makes it easy for individuals and teams to create, manage, deliver, and track proposals for companies in the pavement maintenance & construction industry. It blends the best of CRM + Data + Expert Pavement Sales Processes to make your life easier. It can be used from ANY device with internet access and we have created a tool where one finger and minutes will produce proposals, work orders, driving directions and endless reporting options.

The is no other available Paving software or Pavement maintenance software on the market built by industry professionals for you. We will continue to improve, innovate and continue to make our paving software tool the leader in the industry.

View our Measuring Tool

Using an ipad or iphone and soon android, our tool will allow you to measure anything on an outside of a property and include the pictures directly into our Proposal Management Tool. 1 area or 100, zones, multiple shades, we made this for you & your needs to help you close more work faster for more profit! is the fastest, easiest most accurate measuring tool for measuring asphalt, concrete, paving, roofs etc using an iPad or iPhone.

With one finger and in seconds you are mobile with all of your measurements. Email your image, upload it into your proposal in seconds and many other actions that will help you win more work faster.

Our team was using GIS measuring 15 years ago, before anyone ever heard of it! Today, there are many tools that companies offer on a subscription basis that are complicated, costly and run by technology people who do not understand our industry. You will experience the best combination available with pavementlayers + wheelitoff that will make your life easier!

Simple to use – Proven Results!

It will take you less then 2 hours for your entire organization to be up and running producing simple, effective, revenue producing proposals. Create Proposals 90% faster & Win Rates by 47%. We understand it is about producing measurable results and being in front of your customers & prospects, not sitting at a computer. This is a one finger tool that will change your life for the better. Create, Print, Email, Change and Track all of your work.


Quick, Fast, & Simple.

What is Pavement Layers?

Pavement Layers is a Proven Sales Process supported with Simple to use Software to make your life a lot better–fast! Pavement Layers is a cloud based software that enables any user connected to the internet with any type of web-enabled device (Laptop, PC, MAC, iPad, Android, iPhone etc)to Create, Organize, Edit & Send Customized Pavement Proposals with images that win better work faster!

These features will enable you to win better work, faster & easier while making it great for you & your company, your customers and most importantly your family!

  • It cost $1,900- $2,200/user/year based on quantity of users and integrates with WheelitOff, our ipad Measuring, Marking and Presentation App (costs an additional $300)
  • Step by step videos that show you & your team a simple process to See, Shape & Build Pavement Projects better, faster while closing more!
  • Real Time Tracking of Won, Lost, Closed, Open, Canceled Projects of Each User. No More Wondering.
  • Create, Organize, Send, Edit and Customize Proposals that Customers Love in Less than 5 Minutes! Work Orders with a tap including driving directions, images and scope of work.
  • Preloaded Specifications Included for the Services You Perform or Customize Your Own.
  • Notifications Sent via Email of New Leads, Opened Proposals, Forwarded Proposals, Detailed Work Orders & more.
  • Upload Images with Measurements, Repairs Marked, Zones etc from WheelitOff & Other Sources.
  • Proposal Approval for your sales team who are not yet ready to price projects! Now they can produce part of the proposal, or all of it to have it sent for approval in a simple click and send method.
  • Complete Set up in less than 2 hours with Included Support and Training.
  • Works from Any Device Connected to the Internet.
  • Hundreds of Firms, Large and Small, are Happy Users across North America.
  • Quickbooks Online Integration included.
How can I stay updated and informed?

The best way to stay informed of all updates to Pavement Layers is to Join our Newsletter as well as always see the “New Tutorials” at the top Right of Pavement Layers.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes. We offer a free 14 day trial. May we suggest you first review our Quick Start Videos, then contact us direclty with any questions and we will provide a one to one review.

You will be amazed at how fast you will be able to Create, Organize, Edit, Send, and Customize Proposals that win work, save you a ton of time, and create work orders that get the work done as you promised.

How long will it take to produce a proposal?

The first one may take you 15 minutes using one finger, after you see Our Quick Start VideosThen, in less than 5-Minutes you will produce amazing proposals that you, your customers and your team will love.  They can include links to reference sheets, insurance, workers comp etc. Amazing images with repair locations, paving, concrete & sealcoating zones + more!

Do you provide specifications or can we use our own?


Pavement Layers provides you with an excellent set of specifications for paving, repairs, milling, base repair, infra-red repairs, sealcoating, crack sealing, line striping concrete, drainage, curbing, sweeping + more.

You are also able to modify the provided specifications or completely change the specifications to customize to whatever you like.  You can do it all easily or we can help!

Almost the entire system is customizable to your needs.

What is the cost and what else is included?
  • The cost is $2,200 per year/user.  6+ users price decreases.
  • we do not do monthly billing.
  • Set up, customization for your company and training is included.
  • WheelitOff has an annual fee of $300 to enable connection and sharing with Pavement Layers.
  • See All Pricing Here

We are passionate about continuing to make Pavement Layers better so expect to see continued new releases and features very often…best of all they are all included! We have videos on every section inside of Pavement Layers software as well as short, simple training videos on our website.  You can signup here.

How does this work with WheelitOff?
  • WheelitOff is a separate tool that will only work on an iPad but enables you to include all images, measurements etc into Pavement Layers with 2 taps of your finger.
  • Think of WheelitOff as your measuring wheel, artist, and simple tool to take all the stuff you would love to be able to draw and present on a project, but never could!
  • It Costs $300 for unlimited measuring, marking of images of properties and can be purchased at the Apple App Store.  There is a yearly fee after the first year of $300 for the connection to Pavement Layers.  See the video on the home page showing how to include maps and images directly into Pavement Layers.
  • It enables you to be on the site seeing all the aspects of the project, not sitting behind a desk.
  • For instance, imagine being able to mark the 12 repairs that are base failures in yellow and the 7 mill & fill repairs in blue and include in your proposal in under 2 minutes.  Oh, and the same images are uploaded into the work order system of pavement layers, it’s simple and saves a ton of time, money and frustrations!
  • Check out WheelitOff Here
How is my data secured?

We all worry about security of everything.  And we do not want to have our customers’ bid information to be public or ever shared with anyone.  Just like you have an office with computers, laptops, cell phones, and note pads with detailed data on them, you are required to keep the information secure as well as the access to your buildings and office personnel who come into contact with all of your data etc.

Please see our detailed policy on  Security & Privacy. 

Please see how our data is secured using RackSpace here .

Any and all users of Pavement Layers are issued a username/password.  This is just like your bank, utility company and doctors office may do today!  You must keep it safe and changed.

In addition, is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.  All Data is triple backed up and secure at multiple locations. Compared to how you are doing it today, we are certain this is more secure!

Pavement Layers will access your account only with your approval to edit, fix or help you with an issue.  As shared in our Privacy & Security policy no information will ever be shared, copied, downloaded or disseminated in any form without your prior written approval.

Do I have to pay for my office staff to sign up?
  • Office staff costs $300/year to use Pavement Layers.
  • They cannot be the salespeople and will not have the ability to email from the system or produce proposals.

Your office team can enter leads and customer information, run reports, do work order creation and so on. So, this means as long as they are not the sales people and you are trying to sneak in a free license, we are easy to work with in setting up any other employee who needs access, No Problem!

If at any time you switch an office user subscription to a sales type user you will be required to pay the required subscription fee.  Switching without paying the fee is grounds for immediate termination without refund for your entire company.

Other than making a proposal in 2-minutes, what else does it do?

We are experts in process, sales, and marketing, who also happen to have been in the pavement industry for more than 30 years! We are constantly coming out with new features & functions you and your customers will love!  Here are some of the features:

  • Create, Organize, Send, Edit and Customize Proposals that your customers love in Less than 5-Minutes.
  • Preloaded specifications are included for the services you perform or you can Customize Your Own.
  • Real Time Tracking of Won, Lost, Closed, Open or Cancelled Projects based on the salesperson.  No more wondering! In a second you have all the info in your Pipeline!
    • New Leads
    • The proposal you sent was opened!
    • The proposal you sent was forwarded!
    • And more!
  • Include Images with measurements, repairs marked, sections color coded in zones etc with, our iPad measuring, marking and presentation tool!  You can go to any property location, mark it up with whatever you like, and tap 2 buttons and VIOLA! The full color image is in your proposal!
  • Add Product and Company Information with a tap of your finger such as:
    • Insurance & workers Comp
    • References
    • Product bulletin, brochures, MSDS Sheets etc.
  • Include images from a camera or other source
    • Upload any document to a proposal such as drawings, scope of work etc.
  • Ability to change any proposal on the fly for simple one-time customizations!
  • Reporting on all users, history details and More!
    • What is the snapshot today of open, closed, won, lost and cancelled projects on each salesperson?
    • Breakdown of proposals and status of each type of project such as repair, paving, maintenance etc.
    • Filters and reports showing details in seconds
  • Know what is going on with your sent proposals:
    • every time a client opens your proposal you will receive an email notification letting you know
      • who opened the proposal
      • where it was opened
      • all contact data sent to your email
      • if the proposal was forwarded
      • And more!

Since we have created Pavement Layers we have never stopped improving it to make the lives of you, your team and your clients much better….Pavement Layers, made by industry experts!

How much does support cost?

Support is included free at all times!  We want you to Love Our Tool and Make Your Life Easier!  Support is provided in a couple different ways.

  • On each section of Pavement Layers, we have a “blue question mark?” that will show you a brief, simple tutorial of how to exactly use that section.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to make certain you and your team watches, understands and implements what we show you for immediate success.
  • On our website we have new video tutorials you and your team can view in HD anytime you like:
  • Via email at there is a link on the top right of every page.  Please do not contact Mike, your sales rep or anyone else directly for support.
  • By calling us 8am-6pm est Monday -Friday. 800-750-4997
How long does it take to get up and running?
  • You will be up and running the Same Day if you sign up up before 12 noon.
  • If you sign up after 12 noon, you will be ready to go by 10 am the following morning.
  • For a below average technology person you will be producing proposals within 1 hour as long as you take the 30 minutes to review our simple video tutorials.
What do we need to provide you to get started ASAP?

After you signup for a paid subscription, the faster you provide us your information, the faster you are set up.  No worries if you do not have access to everything, our team of designers can help with the light lifting!  After you sign up, you will get an email asking you to provide us with things that we will upload and set up for you….or you can do it all yourself, your choice!

  • Your logo in a digital format. That’s fancy talk for a jpeg, png or pdf version of your logo.
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Workers Comp
  • W9
  • References
  • Name of Sealcoating Products You Use PDF form.
  • Anything else you can add to a proposal at times?
  • Typical Contract Lingo?
  • Terms & Conditions?
Can we import and export data with Pavement Layers?

Yes! You are able to import & export data within Pavement in a super simple way!

You will always be able to export all of your data from Pavement  It’s a simple procedure where all client data and proposal information can be exported out as a csv/xls file for your use.  We also urge you to do this as a routine to back up any and all of your data.

Pavement Layers, any of their employees or affiliates will not copy, share or access any of your proposal or client data.  You have complete control of this and can import/export this information at any time.  At times when a user needs assistance, with your authorization we will assist you with uploading/downloading as required.

Does this integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes.  With both desktop and online version. Set up is simple and takes less than a couple minutes to go from a lead, to a proposal and then click and have all information go directly to QuickBooks.

Can I get a reimbursement if unhappy later?

We invest significant time in demonstrating, sharing and being extremely detailed on all the aspects of our service.  If within the first 2- weeks after purchase if you are not happy for any reason we will give you a reimbursement less any applicable costs associated with credit cards fees etc.

You have a 14-day free trial that enables you to experience all that Pavement Layers has to offer.  There are no surprises and if you do not put forth the requirements, sorry, that is your issue, not Pavement Layers.  We have contractors all over North America who will share how amazing the experience is with Pavement Layers, ask us, we will share anytime! After a 2-week period of time after purchase, your purchase is final.

What happens if I do not have internet?

If you do not have internet access, you will not be able to use Pavement Layers.

Luckily for you, in most parts of the country, there is free internet at many locations from McDonalds to the finest hotels.

What happens if I do not renew my service?

Wow, hopefully you can let us know why, or if there is anything we can do to keep you happy?

You are invoiced to renew your service in advanced from RapidInjection LLC and payment must be made on time.  If you choose not to make the payment on time, there is a re connection fee of $150.00.  Service will not be activated until this is all paid in full.

You will be invoiced well in advance for the renewal of your Pavement Layers service.  In the event that you do not pay by your renewal date, your service will be terminated until you pay your renewal fee.

Throughout your paid subscription you have had full access 24/7 to download any and all information of you account in our “Export” section. 

Please understand that you are responsible for the downloading of your data, not Pavement Layers, and that we will do everything we can in a timely manner to help, however any and all fees are required to be paid in advance before our team spends any additional time on downloading data for your firm.  We are unable to ever give you access in advance, so please be prepared and plan accordingly.

We understand you will have a sense of urgency and demand what you want when you want it, we will do our best in a timely manner after payment has been received to help you.  In the event that you wish to access data after account termination for non renewal, please contact us and we will establish the costs associated with providing you with data access after your account termination.

To have access to data after account termination or to discuss reactivating terminated accounts that have been paid, please contact us at

What happens if I cannot access Pavement Layers?

Do not panic.

You will need to check the following:

  • do you have an internet connection.? Go to a couple other sites other than Pavement Layers to make sure.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, sometimes they do updates that you are not aware of and may have a security setting that has changed?  We recommend using the browsers identified on our sign in page.
  • Test on desktop and ipad prior to contacting us, to see if it is a user issue or system?

If the above does not work, please immediately contact support at  



Create Proposals 90% faster & Win Rates by 47%

Up and running in under 2 hours

In less than 2 hours, with an internet connection you will be locked & loaded to start clicking and producing proposals.  This was built by Pavement Experts to simplify your life, not complicate it.  No matter your technical ability, you can learn this in less than 20 minutes…and love it!  We have a simple interface with tutorials on how you can upload all your information such as:

  • Your logo, which is used throughout the document.
  • About Us Section which is easily customized.
  • Your written payment terms.  No worries, we have stock terms you can modify on the fly.
  • Add/Delete and modify security setting for all users/administrators.

If you want a faster start, No Worries! Please use this link to give us all your information, and we will upload it for you and give your team a live demonstration. QUICK START LINK


Amazing Pavement Proposals in Minutes!

You will have all the options that most people need to put together a great proposal with a click of a finger.  If you have a customized specification, no problem, you can manually enter it on the fly.  We cover all pavement maintenance & construction items that are required for all residential, commercial and public bid submittals.

Simple Sales Tracking with One Finger Click!

No more wondering.  You have instant access to see all projects that are opened, closed, won, lost & cancelled with a click of a finger.  You have detailed tracking of the results of each and every salesperson as well as each and every project.  You will not be able to forget to invoice a project any longer, everything is simply tracked where you have real time access to each and every detail.

Convert Proposals to Sales Faster!

Stand Out.  Be Simple.  Win More Work. Most proposals look and sound the same to the people reading them. Get More Business by being simple, detailed and consumer focused in the way you describe your pavement maintenance & construction services.  When you meet a customer and can email their proposal complete with images, detailed specifications, contract, insurance and references in less than 2 minutes– you will differentiate yourself immediately!

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